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Thank you Jeff for heling us get into our home.  After looking for a pace for weeks with no luck and bad credit, we found a home through you and you made the process easier and very quickly had us in our home.  Thank you so much we appreiate working with you and will reccommend anyone to you.
C. Warner
Fayetteville, NC

Estimado Jeff,

Yo sólo quise escribirle y permitir que usted sepa cuánto usted ha ayudado mi familia a hacer mis sueños se realizan.

Hemos estado mirando y hemos estado buscando para hogares por todas partes y hemos sido rechazados por nuestro crédito no-tan bueno, entonces... pasamos un hogar en un área buena.

Un hogar agradable con un grande (cercó) yarda y nosotros pensaron que no serían posible conseguir este hogar con todos los otros deterioros que hemos tenido debido a nuestra historia del crédito.

¿Así que decidimos darle una prueba, nosotros pensamos qué hace otro "arrepentido, nosotros no le podemos ayudar" hace a nosotros?

Llamamos y al día siguiente nosotros le encontramos y echamos una mirada a la casa, pensando todavía que no sucederá, y después para un rato usted nos dijo usted podría ayudar.

Esa noche nosotros pensamos que usted tendría que ser un trabajador del milagro en la orden para lo suceder. ¡Próxima cosa nosotros sabemos ni cuatro días después, usted llama y dice "Usted consiguió la casa"!

¡Yo no lo podría creer! Yo casi salté de la piel.

¡Así que innecesario decir, usted es un trabajador del milagro y si usted nos puede ayudar, usted puede ayudar cualquiera!!!

¡Así que Jeff, esto es una GRACIAS grandes para todo!!!

Da las gracias otra vez,

Michelle Hamoshon

Michelle H
Pompano Beach, FL

Jeffrey,  This is a long overdue thank you.  I have been so busy with my new job and new Triplex investment to truly say how much I appreciate what you did for me.  In a world where so many people/businesses are providing a service, it is where you went "over and above" that truly set you apart from others in the industry.

During my first call to you, after visiting your website " and" and finding a potential investment property, I was swept away with your charisma, knowledge, attention to detail, patience, and overall ability to hold my hand as I embarked on my first investment property purchase.  What particularly struck me was you diligence in providing me with valuable information with regard to making a purchase, and cautioning me not to make a hasty decision, and really evaluate what I want.  In the end, I met you that same day to sign a contract.

I am now the owner of that triplex, and am so much more knowledgeable as a result of my dealing with you.  Not only did you blow me away with your fanatical customer service, but you sent me an angel by putting me in touch with Gina Nichols, a mortgage broker who was able to get a mortgage for me in less than one week!  Having both of you on my team is an invaluable asset and I wanted to thank you again for your continued support whenever I call to ask an investing questions, clarification on a term, and anything else I think you might have prior knowledge of.  If anyone ever needs extra assurance from an extremely cautious, high-expectations kind of girl of how it is to work with you, forward all calls to me.....I think you're great!!!
Renee R
West Palm Beach, FL

Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for helping me with my home purchase. You have been very patient and understanding through this emotional time. You were very accomodating by meeting me at times and places that I had chose. You also over-extended yourself by supplying information that will be very helpful to me in my future endeavors. I appreciated your time and effort and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Deborah P
North Palm Beach, FL

     Hello, My name is Corey. For the past several years me, my wife and kids have been searching for a place to call home. We are originally from South Florida and we have lived in Orlando and Virginia. We moved back to South Florida from Virginia when the in climate weather  became to cold for us native Floridians. We were renting a home in Ft. Lauderdale for about a year and a half when we were asked to leave when the owner sold the house. This came as at a time when it seemed like everything was going wrong, like falling dominos.
I found myself driving around agian searching for another home. We needed a solution and needed it fast, only this time we didn't want to rent a house; we wanted to own a home. We had been through so much and although it was our faith that kept us going, it was Immediate Home Solutions that gave us the opportunity to begin living the American Dream of HOME OWNERSHIP.
I was driving in the North Lauderdale - Margate area when I spotted a Beautiful large corner lot home with a sign in the front yard that read "RENT TO OWN". Those were the words we were looking for however we did not expect to meet someone as understanding and "HUMAN" as Mr. Jeffrey Richman. When I first spoke to him on the phone he didn't come across like a mortgage broker or a slumlord asking a thousand questions, but more like an old friend I haven't seen in a long time. He was very kind to us and he did something that we were not used to; he "LISTENED" to us. He told us that they can find a solution and that's all we needed to hear. We immediately got our paperwork back to him and three days later we got "The Call". Now as I said before we were not used to people listening before being judged so it came as a gift from above when Mr. Richman called us and said those beautiful words "WE GOT THE HOUSE".
Opportunities in life come only a few times and when they do you must make the most out of them. Mr. Richman and his partners at Immediate Home Solutions saw that we were hard-working honest people who just needed a break and a "YES". I see now why they named their company "Immediate Home Solutions". They created for our family new hopes and dreams. Sometimnes good things do happen to good people.

Thanks Immediate Home Solutions for the opportunity. And thanks Jeffrey for listening. God Bless You All.
Corey, Marie, Cascia, Claudia, & Xzavian
Margate, FL

Dear Jeff, Our quest for owning a home started one day when I saw a flier that said "Why rent when you could buy. Bad credit, Slow credit, Bankruptcy, we can help." So I called the # and gave them all my information thinking (hoping) that they would be able to help us.

About five realty companies and twenty five to thirty homeowners later, our dream of owning a home started to fade. So with our dreams faded and hope out the door we tried one last # in front of a house we really loved and it was to Immediate Home Solutions.

Jeff answered the phone and I told hom our situation and he assured me that he could help. But after all the other turn downs I didn't think he could.

So the following day we met with Jeff at that property we loved so much and gave him all the information he needed and three days later Jeff called and said "Congratulations, you got the house."

I was in could not believe how happy I was. So I just wanted to say thank you to Jeff and Immediate Home Solutions.
Frederick L
Pompano Beach, FL

Dear Jeff, We just wanted to thank you for making one of our dreams come true. You took a big chance with us, knowing our financial situation, our past history credit and unemployment. We tried buying a house previously but it was very difficult specially since we had just purchased a new business and we were fairly new at it. When you gave us an opportunity of lease option to buy, it only took us three days to decide what to do, we knew right away that it was an opportunity we could not turn down it would help us re-establish our credit and prove to the bank that we were able to make mortgage payments. You were so wonderful and honest with us I still can't believe we moved into the house two weeks after we told you we wanted the house. My children are so happy they can't believe we are living in a house instead of a small apartment. Thank you again for making us realize that there are other options and at the same time you have also helped us re-establish our credit. We could never be living this wonderful dream without you. We will never be able to thank you enough.
Doug and Lily K
Coconut Creek, FL

To Mr. Jeffrey Richman, I'm writing you this letter to inform you how pleased my family and I are with the home you sold us. Furthermore, we send our most sincere appreciation for the way you and your staff handled our situation, and that even with somewhat derogatory credit history you were able to get us in a good home with a pretty decent interest rate, and to do so as quickly as you did. We were in it just days after speaking to you. We were treated with courtesy, professionalism, and respect, and for that we thank you. Keep up the excellent work you're doing.

Raymond S

ps. We'll definately spread the word around.
Raymond S
Tamarac, FL

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